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"Computer Repair in Staten Island"

"Because Your Company's Network Is Running Slow, Acting Crazy and You Can't Depend On Your Current Solution?"

If so, we are offering you a Free Onsite Support Visit to diagnose your computer problems and we can do a better job then your past or current solution.

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Safely moving from a PC to a Mac, getting a new printer to work or wrangling with a wireless internet router generates feelings of panic and nausea in most people. This is normal.

Technology is fantastic... but it's still all a bit too technological.

This is where Doctor Computers come in. Life is short. We figure you've got better things to do.

• New Mac Setup & Optimization

• Smooth Migration From PC To Mac

• Email/Address Book/Calendar Setup

• iCloud Setup

• Printer/Scanner Setup

• Home File Sharing

• Memory Upgrades (RAM Installation)

• Internet Speed Testing & Recommendations

• Wireless Internet & Router Installation (Cable or DSL)

• Smart Repeater Installation To Extend Your Wireless Internet Signal

• Mac Cleanup - System Cleanup & File Cleanup. This Recovers Some Hard Disk Space

• Safe Operating System Upgrades, e.g; OSX Snow Leopard to OSX Mountain Lion

• Backup Drive Setup & Online Backup Setup

• Product Research & Recommendation

• Dual Monitor Setup - Individual or Mirrored Resolution

• Home Theater Integration - Get Your Movies & Music On The Big Screen

• Video & Laserdisc Conversion - Watch On Your Mac Or Transfer to DVD

• Apple TV Installation

• TV & Mac Monitor Calibration

Doctor Computers Apple Services
 Apple Services 
Are You Searching Online for a ​Computer Consultant?

Whether you are already proficient on the Mac or just starting out, you'd probably rather spend your time and energy running your business, not managing your technology.

Get the professional support you need from an Apple Certified business professional at Doctor Computers, your best source for an independent technology and business professionals.

Let Us Help You get the most from your technology investment - from an initial survey of your current technology and work environment to software and hardware recommendations that will make your business more productive and profitable.

We are especially skilled at helping small businesses understand what it takes to deploy an Apple-based solution for the first time - and managing the migration from PC to Mac.

We strive to treat Our Clients in the same way we want to be treated ourselves - as individuals with unique business and personal requirements. All recommendations are custom designed to meet your business needs.


 Mac Consultant

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We Love Apple! So will you. 


We Specialize in Apple installations, tutoring, training, service, and business integration & applications.

Why drive to the Apple Store when you can receive personalized local service and tutoring in Reading, PA?

We offer all the same fine services as Apple with a personal touch!

 Apple  Services 


MacBook & iMac: Repair, Tutoring, Installations
iPhone & iPad: Repair, Tutoring, Installations
24 Hour Apple Business Service/Repair
Apple Servers & Time Machine Backups
AirPort Networking & Wireless Printing
iCloud Tutoring & Set-Up
Apple Software & Updates
iPad Business Integrations
Apple Restaurant POS Systems
iPad & iPhone Restaurant POS & Ordering
Apple Technology Upgrades
Apple Hardware Purchasing
Apple Technology Consultations

Backup and Recovery Solutions

WIFI, LAN, Wireless Solutions/Installations

Onsite & Remote Support 24-6


 Doctor Computers Mac Repair