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If you think you've lost your data and you’ve been told to send it away to an out of state “Clean Room” Data Recovery firm,

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"Computer Repair in Staten Island"
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80% of the people that think they need “Clean Room” data recovery DO NOT need that type of advanced recovery services. Bring your hard drive or computer to Doctor Computers in Staten Island NY. 


We Charge A Flat Fee for a successful data recovery case. We'll copy your rescued data onto a computer or hard drive without further expense, examination, or manipulation. If you are also having your hard drive replaced in or out of warranty in conjunction with our data recovery services, there will likely be no fee at all if the data is not recovered.

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Recoverable media includes:


  • Hard Drives

  • Solid State Drives

  • Server RAID Arrays

  • Flash Drives/Laptop/Desktop

  • Mobile Phones and Tablets

  • Legacy Media


We service all brands and are recognized by all major manufacturers,

therefore not voiding any warranties.

Mac & PC

Data Recovery in Staten Island

Is this happening to your Mac?

or your Macbook? 

We Can Help!


Windows or Mac Recovery

We offer data recovery on all types of desktop and laptop hard drives.  Including external portable drives, USB hard drives, and Flash memory sticks.

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