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BY MILDRED L. CULP,  August 10, 2010


"Computer Repair in Staten Island"

Joe Noga
Doctor Computers™, Heartland Village, Staten Island NY

Back when he was selling real estate a decade ago, Joe Noga figured out a way he could make money on the side.

Noga had a strong computer background - he was a technology specialist for the Israeli army - so his interest in working part-time solving computer problems made good sense.

His bright yellow car, emblazoned with the logo of his business, Doctor Computers™, 

draws all kinds of individuals and business clients.

Noga, 41, is on call 24/6 (he doesn't work Friday night through Saturday night), and has been known to go out in the middle of the night to help fix computer emergencies.

He uses up to four subcontractors for big jobs or tight schedules.

Virus removal for a new client starts at $65. He often charges an existing client less if he makes the fix remotely.

"I'm not looking to get rich," he said, "just to have steady business. I have a lot of repeat customers for that reason."

The Modesto Bee, Modbee.Com

BY MILDRED L. CULP, August 26, 2012



"Computer Repair in Staten Island"
"Computer Repair in Staten Island"

One business that appears to do an exceptionally good job of sending employees on house calls is Doctor Computers™. in Staten Island, N.Y. Its president, Joe Noga, has himself worked in thousands of homes in the area without a single problem and always accompanies his subcontractors.

“I have to represent Doctor Computers,” he says. “I want to make sure they do a good job.”

Doctor Computers supplies the full range of IT services, from technical to training, both remotely, for clients who don’t want house calls, and on-site. Business owners who constantly ask questions and seem to micromanage plague some of his subcontractors, but that’s about it.

Noga finds his greatest challenge in “doing it right the first time, “ he says, “because it costs to go back. It takes time and makes you look bad.”