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"Computer Repair in Staten Island"

​Staten Island Doctor Computers Security Cameras also Help You Monitor your Business & Home 24 X 7. You can monitor cameras via a computer monitor, Laptop, iPhone, and Smart Phones.  We offered Wired and Wireless Systems. For more information,  

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Catch Customers, or Employees in the act...


The importance of a nanny camera is being recognized by many families. It is of essence that you install this in your home if you have hired the services of a care-taker. Also, the parents will be able to track the development of their child and keep a check on the whereabouts of the caretaker.

It has been observed that parents do not mind spending on the nanny cam as the safety and security of their child is of prime importance. Irrespective of the class and economic situation, families are ready to make this investment.

Operating the camera is Simple. It is possible to view the visuals once it is installed. The recorder records all the activities taking place, As more mothers return to work and hire others to take care of their children, today's mother-nanny relationships are colored by moral, practical, and emotional complexities.

The importance of hiring someone who doesn't mind being with children for eight to nine hours in the same place every day. Being a nanny can be an isolating experience, and it is important to know that your nanny will not be frustrated and take it out on you or the child.

Wired and Wireless Systems. 


Video monitoring for iPhone and Android Our systems are compatible with mobile apps for mobile phones.

This Technology allows worldwide access to your video monitoring recorder - Free of Charge!. 

There are many viewing apps for the iPhone and Andriod that are available right now free of charge in the Apple App Store and Play Store for Droid.

The app's main functions include the live view cameras from different recorders. You can access several recorders flexibly when you are on the road and thus enjoy a live view of all video data.  

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