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Data Recovery

If your data is missing due to a hard drive malfunction,

We can frequently get the data back for you fairly inexpensively. If your hard drive is severely damaged, data recovery is only possible with the use of a clean room facility. The facilities are extremely expensive but are available if you just can’t afford to lose your information.

​If you think that your information might have been lost, the first thing to do is

Are U ready for Windows 8 ?
With the latest version of Windows and its operating system still in its developing stages, it is very likely that you might encounter several Windows 8 Problems while using the same. And although the new Windows 8 operating system has succeeded in gaining a momentum, such problems may hinder its progress to a great extend.

And as such, Microsoft experts and developers are working around the clock to resolve the latest Windows 8 Problems users have been complaining of. Since the release of the
Power DC Jack Replacement

This is by far the most annoying thing that happens. It’s such a small part, but requires extensive labor to repair. Why?

It’s because we must completely disassemble the laptop. Then, in most cases we have to and remove the existing solder that holds the jack in place, then re-solder in the new one. This takes about 1-2 hours of work.
Keyboard Repair
Although many keyboards can be bought for as little as $39 – less even – if you have one that you really like and a few keys go, you should look into doing a little repair. It’s not that hard.
Blue Screen of Death

A fatal exception 0E has occurred at 0028:C00068F8 in VxD VMM(01) + 000059F8. The current application will be terminated. You will continue to see this screen.

* Press any key to terminate the application. You will continue to see this screen.

* Press CTRL+ALT+DEL to restart your computer. You will lose any unsaved information in all open applications. You will continue to see this screen.

* Press any key to continue. You will continue to see this screen.
Network Support IT you can count on
Managed Services – No Longer Wait for the Break/Fix

Whether something breaks down with your IT infrastructure, or whether you simply need a computer repaired, your entire workflow can grind to a halt at anytime. With a standard break/fix service contract, you wait for a component to break and then your service provider fixes it. That approach might seem to make sense initially, but eventually you might find the reactive approach to problem solving leaves far too much to chance.
Apple Support
Complete support and troubleshooting of all Apple Mac hardware
and software
Preventive maintenance of all Apple equipment and systems
Component-level repair and upgrades of all Apple Mac laptops,
desktops and hardware
Infrastructure planning and maintenance
Cabling planning, installation and upkeep
Nomenclature implementation and documentation
Moves, Adds & Changes
Emergency service including nights and weekends
The 10 Most Common Computer Problems
The 10 most common computer problems.

Even if you are a computer expert, it is almost certain that you will encounter at least one of these problems when using a computer.

We also provide training service for businesses and individuals with an interest in learning how to use today's technology in a more efficient way. All of our services are guaranteed and if for some reason we can't fix your computer, you don't pay anything. So, what are you waiting for?

Give us a call (718) 477-2113
We recommend that if your hear any unusual sounds coming from your Hard Drive like clicking or grinding that you power down your computer or drive immediately. Continued use can make Hard Drive Repair impossible if your drive heads make contact with platters. Media Damage is the result of heads scratching platters and typically you will hear a grinding sound.
Repair Service
Repair services include hardware malfunction, parts replacement, problems with any version of Microsoft Windows, a slow or unresponsive computer and viruses.

No more carrying your computer to a technical support center and waiting weeks to get it back, with our preferred on-site service we go to your home or place of business at no extra cost. Getting your computer fixed has never been this fast and easy.
Connect to our Team of Support
Doctor Computers™ Technicians can resolve many of the computer/server/printer/firewall issues in short period of time and perform a multitude of computer related tasks from desktop virus removal to advanced server configurations.

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Pc Tuneup
Virus Removal
Malware Removal
Email Support
Office Support
Printer/Scaner Support
Wifi Support
Mp3/Ipod Support
Drivers Support
Databackup Support
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Remove infections with multiple, top rated virus and spyware removal programs


When we do a complete check-up on your computer, we run several tests to ensure it is Virus and Spyware Free, our work is Guaranteed and we work only with the latest virus removal techniques.

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